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Professional Staffing Services
At Rydek Professional Staffing, we are dedicated to the placement of highly skilled, qualified personnel in the right jobs for short-term, long-term, contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent positions. Our experienced account managers are professionals in the fields to which they’re assigned. With our extensive electronic candidate database, and their knowledge of our clients' unique needs, Rydek managers find the perfect match.

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Contract Employees
Need more workers for a project? We can supply personnel, on a long-term or short-term contract basis, whether you need a single person or a team of experts. All contractors are employed by Rydek but work under your direction at your location.

Contract-to-Hire Program
Hiring new workers means more than matching skills on a resumé. You need someone who will understand your company and fit well into your corporate environment. But sometimes that's difficult to predict. Our popular contract-to-hire program allows companies to bring in new workers on a trial basis. You can test that match with the rest of your team before offering a full-time position.

Permanent Hires
If you prefer to hire full-time employees, Rydek can supply you with the perfect candidate. Our candidates are thoroughly screened, ensuring only the most highly qualified and compatible personnel are presented to fill potential positions.

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